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Starting a Home Based Career In Photography #FreePhotos

Starting a Home Based Career In Photography #FreePhotos

In today's rapidly developing globalized economies, many business ventures are set up at a fast pace. Consequently, many opportunities are available for many young entrepreneurial individuals who intend to start a home based businesses. Most of these business opportunities require very little initial investment in terms of start up capital and manpower resources. For example, one could open a Photo printing and Desktop publishing' shop at home easily and start running with minimum time and Low capital. There are many online tips and guidelines available for the young Entrepreneur on how to start a home based photographic business.

1. Equipment/Resources

The basic equipment needed for a Photo Printing and Desktop Publishing Shop
are :

a personal computer, a good photo printer, scanner, digital camera, and other related consumables such as photo papers and ink. The personal computer to be used in this venture should have sufficient memory (RAM) capacity and speed including the necessary software which is needed for photo editing and photo layout designs. For example, latest programs such as Photo-shop, In Design, Gimp or Corral are a must for this type of business.

Similarly, one must invest on a good digital camera either point and shoot or if he intends to expand the business in other areas of photography, he should invest on a good, high pixel or resolution, Digital SLR Camera. However, if you do not have enough capital to invest on a costly DSL camera, starting with a point and shoot or a compact camera is advisable.

When selecting a printer it is important to note the running cost in terms of ink and repair costs. There may be printers with low initial costs but in the long term the cost of running may be very costly due to high cost of repair and consumables. The printer should also turn out quality prints on photo, special papers and stickers. Having a good scanner will also be handy for your business.

2. Business Focus and Opportunities

Once your photo printing and desktop publishing business is established, you can look for other opportunities to expand your business. In this sense, you can diversify your business into various areas. On the one hand, you can start printing photos on coffee mugs, shirts, pins, bags and tablets etc. On the other, you could concentrate on photo editing and storing. Depending on the customer's needs, one could use his creativity to turn out wide variety of photos which customers prefer.

3. Know Your Customer's Needs

One customer may prefer to have photos taken by you and some may want to give you the soft copies of photos or hard photos taken by them to print after editing. Irrespective of the type of photo given, you have the flexibility to change the photo settings using various photo editing software installed in your computer. For example, the contrast, angles, focus and depth of field, could be adjusted in photos at the beginning, so that any short comings in the images could be eliminated resulting in well turned out photos. Similarly, we can have very interesting backgrounds and settings super imposed in photos which the customers may like.

For instance, a customer may want himself photographed in front of Eiffel Tower or Niagara Falls or front of Grand Canyon. Similarly, Kids may prefer to be photographed alongside the cartoon figures such as Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny. This shows that running a home based business is really fun and exciting.

More importantly your creativity and flexibility is integral to the growth and success of home based photographic business.

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