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Technology Paves The Way for Innovation with The Pentax K5 DSLR Camera #FreePhotos

Technology Paves The Way for Innovation with The Pentax K5 DSLR Camera #FreePhotos

The Pentax K5 is a digital SLR camera that has entered a highly competitive market place and found a solid footing. There seems to be a baseline of common features offered by any reasonable digital camera. But that is where the commonalities stop because it becomes a matter of quality and other concerns. Camera makers are basically working with the same materials and levels of technology, but then we start getting into areas such as innovation.

It all really depends on what you do, what you need, and of course what you can reasonably afford. Regardless of why you want a digital camera, just avoid breaking your bank and get something you will enjoy using.

You can see a clear lineage with this model if you examine both the K7 and the K5. There are general areas the K5 continued from that base model. The K5 has developed a quick reputation for being a reliable camera which is certainly expected with a quality digital SLR. You will find a range of simple to more involved aspects such as what you can do with photo-shooting and custom work. The K5 has the capability to customize your photos in a fairly wide variety of ways. Of course you can take videos as well, but what you can do with them in the way of customization is more restricted. Cameras are about great features, and you will experience enough of them with the K5. Just one very nifty feature concerns taking extended exposure photos. It is common to encounter various problems if everything is not executed properly. You will learn that the K5 has compensated for this to make it easier for this special kind of photo. The noise reduction, NR, mode has improved sensitivity for greater clarity along with auto, off and on modes. In addition, the ability to perform light measurements is made possible with better resolution in metering.

We are aware that the K5 may produce under-exposed images in certain conditions. For some, the amount of this effect is perhaps just a little more than a quarter of an f stop. The capability for lower ISO applications does excel over other popular models. Taking photos in low lighting conditions can be worked with very easily with the changes in the auto-focus algorithm. When shooting videos, you will see that all focusing will need to be done manually.

We feel the Pentax K5 camera offers excellent technological upgrades that the average user will like. One thing is you will find any programming needed to be extremely easy with their interface. We would suggest that even a beginner should feel comfortable with a DSLR such as the K5. You will find that learning from the documents provided get you up to speed very quickly. The K5 is meant to be used with all the available functions, so be sure to use them.

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  2. Hi I have a hobby farm and like to take pictures of my animals, this camera looks a lot better than the one I currently have!

    My Hobby Farm

  3. Technology now has been very fast in upgrading and enhancing our gadgets. DSLR cameras are one the gadgets that I'm talking about and this one model Pentax K5 DSLR Camera is really a great and high quality camera.

  4. I so like the pentax brand especially the older gen. For me it gives a classic look whoever owns one. :D

  5. Interesting camera features. Wish I have one. How much kaya?


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